Dad, can you ReadToMe? How to read to your kids without being present. Huh?

A prototype AR based app that augments the parent reading to their kids

Last year, I travelled extensively for work and I was not able to read to my kids (then, 4 & 6 y.o.) as much as I would have liked. So I built an app that “reads” to my kids AND

  1. minimizes screen-time

  2. uses my voice so it is personalized

  3. physically engages the child

Still a prototype, but ReadToMe (on both iOS and Android) allows you to

  1. take a picture of a page and record your voice. Then,

  2. when your child opens a book up and flips to the page, the app will recognize the page and triggers an audio recording for that specific page.

  3. Just as importantly, it will back up the recordings ( so very useful when your kids start narrating their own stories! )

If you would like a copy of the prototype, feel free to reach out.

Send an email to me


The app is pre-loaded with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” narrated by Michelle Obama .. (yes, I ‘borrowed’ this) however, to really see the value, create your own recording of your kids favorite book. How? After downloading & opening the app;

To Create a Book Recording

  1. Tap on the + sign and take a picture of a (physical) book cover

  2. Recording starts immediately. Say aloud the title of the book.

  3. Now, take a picture of the first page

  4. Record your narration

  5. Flip to the next page and take a picture

  6. Record your narration

  7. Repeat until the end, tap on Save

To Replay a Book (for kids)

  1. Select the book (or tap the lightning on the top left and scan the cover)

  2. Flip to the first page & pointing the app at the page. When it recognizes the page, the audio will play.

  3. Continue page by page


  1. OCR ( eg. to detect/recognize words on page. Optionally just downloaded text )

  2. Audio Cloning (eg. give a few audio samples of your voice & the app will synthesize your voice against the OCR’ed text)

  3. Other.

For further updates on this app and other random tech, findings and more:

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